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Vegan Food Magazine is the first magazine dedicated 100% to vegan food. It’s packed with delicious recipes, interviews with established and up-and-coming vegan chefs, writers and bloggers, in-depth articles, a regular city-focus feature, the latest and greatest in vegan fare and more.  And you can have it for free.

Why digital? We want to make as little an environmental impact as possible, so this means a digital-only approach.

Why free? Accessibility to vegan food has always been a key concern. We don’t want cost to get in the way of anyone who might be interested in learning more about veganism, or to prevent those who already eat vegan from finding out more. So we’ll always have a free version available online.

We believe that veganism isn’t just about the food – it’s a lifestyle. We put the well-being of all animals – human and non-human – at the heart of our day-to-day lives. This ideology means we do as little harm as possible to all living beings, whether it’s in what we eat, wear, see or do; being a vegan means compassion for all.

Issue 1 is here!

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